@ PS 145, The Bloomingdale School

The Y Afterschool program opens up a whole other world of imagination and growth. It supplements what the children have learned in school by giving them the chance to participate in interactive learning models that engage critical thinking skills, get assistance with their homework from trained YMCA staff, socialize with each other, and form long-lasting friendships that impact their development, growth, and self-confidence. The program runs every regular school day from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in a supervised and structured environment. Y Afterschool is offered at low or no cost to parents, thanks to generous support from the NYC Department of Education, NYC Department of Youth & Community Development, Federal Grants through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers, The After-School Corporation, leading corporations, foundations, individual donors and our Strong Kids Campaign. In 2018 the Y piloted a new program and recruited P.S. 145 talented staff to lead sports, chess, visual arts, and language clubs to further enhance the children’s afterschool experience.

Sports Activities

My name is Rylan Borror and I am the YMCA afterschool sports and activity coach. I work with grades K-2. I see all students in grades K-2 every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Each grade gets a 45-minute period with me on those days. We do different sports and activities that allow the students to work with each other towards a common goal. Some of the sports and activities that we focus on are soccer, parachute games, basketball, floor hockey, bowling, and many other different fitness games. Rolling, throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling, shooting are some of the many different fitness-related skills that are used in these activities. Through these different activities, sports and skills, we try to encourage students to move and enjoy physical activity. Many of these activities also stress the importance of working together, and students learn how to work as a team, build trust, and count on one another. When we have the opportunity, we also like to take the students YMCA to the playground to participate in different games and activities outdoors.


Chess Class 


Chess is the world’s most popular board game. It doesn’t take long to learn how the pieces move, and even children as young as five can enjoy exciting games. This is the game of Kings and Queens and it is this concept that I use to teach my students. I found that by comparing the chess pieces to real life and people, students have an understanding of the game. The Queen is the Mom in charge and is the most powerful piece on the board. The King is the Dad in charge and can only move one space at a time. Since he moves so slowly, he needs an army to protect him. Students develop literacy and math skills, patience, imagination, and strategic thinking. Our weekly classes include 3 different days of instructions. Day 1 is a new chess concept or strategy. Day 2 is the reinforcement of previous concepts and play on the physical chessboard. Day 3 is computer chess games against a computer or live opponent. It is my intention to have our students ready to play in competitive chess tournaments.


Visual Arts Program

Ms. Stathopoulos, a first grade teacher at PS 145, teaches the visual arts afterschool program on Wednesdays and Thursdays. During the visual arts class students are exposed to many different projects which they work on for about two weeks at a time. The students have experienced collage making, 3D projects, string work, and finger weaving to name a few projects. A typical day in visual arts begins with talking about the different materials that are going to be used, developing and crafting projects, as well as reading stories that connect to the activity of the day. As the year progresses students will come up with concepts, select materials, and create projects of their own!

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YMCA Afterchool Program