Special Projects


PS 145 is a Title 1 elementary school, meaning that more than 75% of our students are children from low-income families with a high percentage living in housing projects and shelters. A quarter of the children experience developmental and emotional difficulties and require special needs support and learning assistance. As a result, our school is generally under-resourced and sadly, provides fewer programs and opportunities for students who need it most.

We are lucky to have a great principal Dr. Natalia Russo, who has opened the doors to the progressive English-Spanish and English-Russian dual-language programs and continues to invest in the best teachers and educational approaches.

No change comes easily and our school is working on building a renewed sense of community. We believe our children will significantly benefit from the ability to play freely together, learn how to develop cooperative social skills, use every possibility for creativity and imagination while stimulating their intellect and simply unwinding after hours of learning and academic instructions.

Please consider donating to our projects as it will, with no doubt, significantly improve the life of our children. 

 Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions:  pa.treasurer@ps145m.org


Project Warm Clothes For Every Child

Warm items such as coats, blankets and shoes are needed to help keep the children of District 3 warm during the cold winter months.  

If you have any items that could be of help, please take them to PS 145, 150 W. 105th Street and leave them with either Mr. Salamanca or Ms. Leonor Bustillo.


Alternatively, please feel free to make a 100% tax-deductible cash donation via our PayPal link below. Any monies received from this link will go towards purchasing warm items.